Don’t let outdoor bugs become indoor pests

It’s Winter and hungry bugs may be in your house!

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler – bugs and mice are looking for food and shelter.  Your house is their target.

It’s where the shelter, food, and water are going to be this season. If you don’t want to share your home with such pests as spiders, crickets, silverfish, ants, cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas, mice and rats, it’s time to make your move!

  1. Don’t share with them. Eliminate as many sources of food scraps and open water sources as possible. Treat your pets for fleas so they don’t become a food source for blood suckers.
  2. Don’t let them in. It’s amazing just how small an opening these creatures can get through. Think like a bug and see how many little openings can be sealed with siliconized caulk, steel wool, or better yet, the newer rodent repellent foam caulks. As a bonus, this will also help reduce the cold air leaks in your home and reduce cooling costs.
  3. Don’t import your own bedbugs.  Second hand furniture and personal belongings can harbor these nasty varmints, so be careful bringing these items into your home. Inspect furniture items for signs of bedbugs, and run clothing items through a hot dryer cycle before bringing them into your house. Kids’ backpacks are like Uber taxis for bedbugs. They hop a ride from an infested friend’s house to your house. Have everyone place their packs into a sealed trash bag while they visit.
  4. Add Barriers. You can make your home defenses more formidable by adding physical or chemical barriers either inside or outside. We suggest natural barriers, such as diatomaceous earth
    bugRIGHT diatomaceous earth plus herbal extracts indoor pest control
    bugRIGHT diatomaceous earth plus herbal extracts

    , or relatively safe chemical barriers like boric acid powder  around the inside perimeter of your dwelling, in window wells, window sills, door jambs, or openings for utilities. Outdoors, a perimeter of pesticide such as bifenthrin or Hi Yield Turf Ranger will make your shrub and flower beds less friendly to bugs.

  5. Stop the drips. All creatures need water (except maybe things like kangaroo rats), and that minor drip under the house can be a live-saving oasis to them.
  6. KILL THEM !! We have a lot of pesticides to show you and will to discuss your options based upon your needs and preferences, as well as safety concerns for children, pets, and special  health concerns.

Clean and de-clutter your home. Most bugs and rodents prefer to hide from you – after all, you are likely to squash them if you see them. Keeping clutter reduced gives them fewer hiding places. Areas you can’t eliminate are excellent places to place traps for the pests.

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