Fall Garden Planting

Fall Garden Planting in Kansas

Fall garden planting is for real gardeners!   We are experiencing the most favorable conditions that we have seen in many years, so what are you waiting for?  Your  deadline is the first frost ( about October 20 in the Wichita area ) so timing is critical.

When do I plant my Fall Garden?

Calculate the best planting time.

  1. Find the days-to-maturity for your variety and add about 10 more days to compensate for the cooler night temperatures in October
  2. Count backwards from the average last-frost date the number of days you just calculated.
  3. Now you know when to plant your seeds.

Kansas State University has a handy chart which will give you a general timetable for seed starting and transplanting pre-started plants.

What else do I need for a Fall Garden?

Soil repairs

Your garden soil has already had quite a workout this Spring, so be fair to your Fall veggies and rejuvenate your soil with organic matter, compost, or other favorite fertilizers while waiting for seedlings to sprout.

Water Needs

Fall gardens need more help to maintain soil moisture in the early stages of plant growth.   Be sure your watering equipment is ready for a workout. Drip irrigation is really useful in the Fall, and good mulch for moisture retention is a must!

Frost Protection

Sometimes we get an unpleasantly early frost, or maybe you just want more from your garden. Frost blankets and other protective devices can really make a difference in your total yields.

Pest Control

Fall gardens can still have unwanted visitors. Don’t forget insect controls and pest repellents.