Holiday Hours for Christmas and New Years

Since we're a family oriented and owned business, our employees are not working on Christmas Day or New Year's Day.

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Back Yard Chickens?

We have lots of good eats for your "girls" - scratch grain, Purina Layena pellets or granules, organic soy-free scratch, and organic soy-free layer blend, plus treats such as freeze-dried meal worms, and heat lamps and heated water containers to keep them warm this winter.

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Don't forget your pets this Holiday

Your house pets are facing a period of increased stress this holiday. Added noise and congestion in your house will cause them added anxiety. How about a new toy or treat to let them know that everything is still OK?

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Embarrassing pet odor ?

I know how it is ..... my pets have certain, er, smells, and my in-laws are going to notice them when they visit on Thanksgiving!! Thank goodness for Pet Specialty Products Pet Odor Candles. Soy-based candles burn safely for up to 72 hours in their glass jars, and there are so many great fragrances to choose from. Somehow, they don't just cover up the odors, but actually eliminate them while you're entertaining. Only $7.99 each.