Get Your Green Going

READY TO TRY YOUR HAND AT VEGETABLE GARDENING? Great gardens begin with healthy soil, alive with beneficial microbes and fungi. Rev up your old, tired "dirt" with goodies like Fox Farms Soil Amendment bales, fertilome Spaghnum Peat Moss, Back to Nature Cotton Burr Compost and Composted Chicken Manure, or start some new containers or raised beds with Fox Farms Ocean Forest Potting Soil, Happy Frog, or Coco Loco Soils. Earth Boxes really shine when you use Fox Farms Lucky Dog Growing Medium. Not sure where to start? Let us show you some easy to use soil test kits.

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Back Yard Chickens?

We have lots of good eats for your "girls" - scratch grain, Purina Layena pellets or granules, organic soy-free scratch, and organic soy-free layer blend, plus treats such as freeze-dried meal worms, and grits to keep those gizzards grinding! Check with us for fodder raising supplies to supplement their need for fresh greens. Now available - whole or cracked corn, non-GMO source

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Holiday Ideas

Check out our people treats! Lots of home style goodies that are so good for holiday feasting, like local honey, black strap molasses, Cajun peanuts, Bald Eagle summer sausages and condiments, and our own line of jams, jellies, fruit butters, and more.

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Embarrassing pet odor ?

Worried about pet odors because you have indoor animals? Thank goodness for Pet Specialty Products Pet Odor Candles. Soy-based candles burn safely for up to 72 hours in their glass jars, and there are so many great fragrances to choose from. Somehow, they don't just cover up the odors, but actually eliminate them while you're entertaining. Only $7.99 each. They also have a great selection of aerosol scents and even car air fresheners.