Have a pet?

First of all, we're a pet friendly business. If your pet is OK with new situations and new people, let him or her enjoy a trip to our store. We even have a grassed side yard for last minute "nature calls" . Just remember, there may be other animals present during your visit. While inside, both of you can browse our pet foods, toys, treats and more ....

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Like plants?

You're about to enter a plant geek zone! We have a huge selection of seeds for edible plants, including lots of ethnic favorites. Of course, all are non-GMO, and many are heirlooms. Whether you have a huge outdoor garden, or just a spot on a sunny windowsill, we can help you find a suitable type of edible plant or seed. Heck, we can even sell you a plant light if you don't have a window!

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Anything else ??

Of course! We have local pure honey, old-fashioned sorghum, home-style preserves, spreads, fruit butters, pickled vegetables, and elderberry concentrate. How about bird feeders, garden gadgets, and great advice on how to use everything you find in our store? Of course!

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Nobody wants to be bugged!!

Fall is the time when unwanted bugs and rodents try to get into your house! Ask us how to get rid of them without having to hire an exterminator.

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